Rethink Recycling

Material Management is leading the Industry to think beyond recycling

We specialize in highly sustainable, Full-circle, Waste Programs for National Suppliers, Retailers, Distributors, and Manufactures across the United States and Canada.

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It is time to think full-circle recycling programs

Enjoy the benefits of a single point-of-contact for your entire Waste Program. MM Recycling manages your entire Waste Program, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Hundreds of great Partners in the US & , Canada

Our network of Experts allow us to provide you Full-Circle Waste Program services all across Canada and the United States.

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  • Engineering
    Service image
    Designing Site Specific Equipment.
  • Paper Mills/Converters
    Service image
    Leverage volume with export and domestic mills
  • Transportation & Logistics
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    Volume Freight Rates & Backhauls
  • Garbage Collection
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    Leverage local provider preferred Pricing
  • Aerobic Digestion
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    Biomass Aerobic Digestion as alternative Food Waste solution
  • Technology & Reporting
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    Track loads and progress with online, real-time reporting
  • Recycling Equipment
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    Customizable recycling solutions
  • Manufacturing Recycling
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    Innovative deduced Trash Services
  • Secure Shredding Partners
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    Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Partner
  • Industrial Composting
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    Industrial Composting Services
  • Scrap Metal
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    Maximize Returns Grade Specific
  • Food Donation
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    Maximize Returns Grade Specific
  • Advanced Air Systems
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    Advanced vacuum air-system for scrap dust and scrap recovery
  • Local Recycling Partners
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    Maximizing commingle loads to local partners
  • Expired & Recalled Food
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    MM Recycling provides a variety of innovative Solutions for Expired, soon to be expired and recalled foods
Full-Circle Retail Waste Programs

Comprehensive waste solutions management

Food Distribution, Warehouse Recycling, Waste Reduction Programs

MM’s Food Distribution and Warehouse “Recycling and Waste Reduction Programs” are unparalleled to any other programs in the recycling industry. Our specifically targeted program consist of a 5 Phases roll out to ensure 100% participation and accuracy. Each DC/Warehouse has specific operational needs therefore MM works directly with each DC/Warehouse to implement the best practices in order to meet its goals. We are not a one program fits all “Cookie Cutter Program”. Our proven approach and implementation has resulted in significant improvements with respect to scrap revenues, solid waste cost avoidance and environmental sustainability.

Our goal is to bring our customers as close as possible to zero landfill/waste.

We offer single source vendor capabilities first hand for entire Food DC/Warehouse waste stream.

A variety of equipment options tailored, specifically for retail installments:

A variety of equipment options tailored, specifically for retail installments:

Image of medium-duty baling equipment (yellow downstroke baler)

EquipmentEquipment Engineering/Leasing/Installation

Image of NAID certified shredding receptacles: 1 portable and 1 stationary

Secure NAID ShreddingSecure NAID Certified Shredding Services

Image of heavy-duty, 3 yard, blue dumpster roll-off rental

Waste binsOptimal sizing on waste bins and pickups

Food DC and Warehouse Waste Program features:

  • Cardboard and Paper Recycling

  • Plastic Film and Rigid Recycling

  • Organic Recycling

  • Digester and Aerobic Digester

  • Grease/Oil

  • Food Recall

  • Food Expiration

  • Over run of packaged and non packaged foods

  • Meat and Bone

  • E-Waste Recycling

  • Light Bulb Recycling

  • Solid Waste/Trash

  • Secure Shredding (NAID)

  • Metal Recycling

  • Sustainable Reporting

Manufacturing & Commercial Waste

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Comprehensive Industrial & Commercial Waste Programs

MM’s highly-sustainable platform for better practice separation at the source for higher recycling returns and reduce waste and costs for Printers, Converters, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse, Logistics/Logistics 3PL. Program is rolled out in 5 phase to ensure 100% capturing of all waste streams.

  • Dual-stream recycling (paper grade(s) separation from other recyclables such as glass/metal/plastic) to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • Supply highest end-use and avoid "down-cycling”: High Grade Segregation
  • Our vast volumes consolidated to our consuming mills domestic and abroad ensure the highest returns for your recycling scrap

Industrial & Commercial Waste Services:

Industrial & Commercial Waste Services:

Heavy-duty baling equipment

Industrial Equipment

Depiction of waste stream optimization technique through separation

Waste optimization

Image depicting electronic waste (stack of old, computer circuit boards)

Electronic Waste

Industrial Equipment Installations

Waste-stream optimization Systems

Electronic Waste solutions

Industrial & Commercial Waste Program features:

  • High Grade Paper Recycling

  • Corrugated/Paper Recycling

  • Plastic Film/Rigid Plastic Recycling

  • E-Waste

  • Light Bulb Recycling

  • Secure Shredding (NAID)

  • Solid Waste/Trash

  • Metal Recycling

  • Recycling Equipment Optimization Rent/Least/Purchase

  • Sustainable Reporting

You are more than a number

Personalized Customer Service that never treats you like an Account Number

Customer service representative helping customer on the phone

Going beyond Customer Service means, Material Management builds long-lasting relationships with our Clients

  • We are personally available 24/7 via direct line — not an answering service.
  • Our national and single site programs are personalized by the needs of each location and not, "one program fits all".
  • Each of our customers have a dedicated support team that has the flexibility to make changes as your business evolves.
  • Our Customer Support team strive every day to get to know you, your staff and your community. We believe that only when we know more about you and what you do, together we will bring your business to ”Zero Waste” to Landfill.
  • MM Recycling acts as a liaison between your company and the various service relationships in your recycling program.
  • We help abstract the complexity of involved in the acquisition and management of the engineering and logistics that are essential partnerships in every recycling program.
  • Your company can confidently rely on our experience in building world-class programs. Our large network of servicers and partners guarantees your company’s waste program is unmatched in the industry.

Get the Insights you need to optimize your company’s waste program

At Material Management we believe that data is the most important tool in understanding and optimizing your waste program. This data-driven approach is what allows MM to accurately evaluate your exiting program and strategize realistic profitability and sustainability goals.

You can't manage what you don't measure" -- Peter F. Drucker

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We think different because we are different
Karen Gamer presenting sustainable waste program

Unique waste solutions, fuelled by Diverse Leadership

MM is a proud member of WBENC since 2006. WBENC is the largest certifier of women owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs. MM meets Supplier Diversity requirements for corporation or government initiatives.

MM has been hands on involved in all aspects of the solid waste and recycling industry which lends significantly to our experience and knowledge in implementing the right programs for our customers. We have ran and operated Material Recovery Facilities (MFR’s), Owned and Operated Solid Waste Companies and managed multi level solid waste and recycling programs/platforms for Fortune 50 to 1000 companies.

Enough talk. Let's start building you a better Waste Program.


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